Two killed in attack outside US embassy

Authorities probe blast outside of US embassy in Turkey.
Authorities probe blast outside of US embassy in Turkey.

ANKARA — A blast outside the US embassy in the Turkish capital, Ankara, has killed at least two people, with reports that it was a suicide bomber.

Turkish media said the suspected bomber and at least one security guard had died in the explosion.

Dozens of ambulances and fire engines rushed to the embassy, in an area also home to other diplomatic missions.

Video appears to show damage to a checkpoint although reports say there was no damage inside the embassy.

Embassy staff killed

An unconfirmed report by Reuters news agency quoted the US ambassador as saying a member of the embassy’s Turkish staff had been killed.

Embassy staff had been taken to secure rooms in the building, a reporter told Turkish channel NTV.

No group has so far said it carried out the attack.

A number of illegal groups ranging from Kurdish separatists to leftist and Islamist militants have launched attacks in recent years in Turkey, which is a member of Nato.

The last big attack in Ankara in 2007, which killed nine and injured 120, was blamed by police investigators on a lone, leftist suicide bomber. (BBC)

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  1. Yusuf February 21, 2013 at 5:58 am

    that is a terrible incident happened in turkey, hope it never happens again any where i nthe world


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