Turning point

He has admitted he had a “reputation” with the girls – not the most positive, if you know what I mean. In fact, gospel rapper Patrick O’brian Ignite Alleyne told High Note what he meant.

“I was tricky with the girls. I had a reputation, as people would say, as a ‘wutless’ fellow,” O’brian Ignite chuckled modestly as he recalled those times while he was a secular rapper some six years ago.

And if there was any doubt what he was about back then, it would seem clear to most that he may have wanted to perpetuate his reputation as a trickster when he went so far as to adopt the stage name Trixta.

But all this came to a dramatic end two years ago, when he was converted to the Christian way of life, thanks to two main sources – a close Christian male friend and the Campus Trendz disaster.

He told High Note he got to appreciate the approach of his Christian friend in that he did not pressure him, but continued to encourage him to “come to church”.

This gospel artiste, who is based at the Evening Light Pentecostal Church at Arch Hall, St. Thomas, and was also known for his relentless partying, started to drift away from that crowd as he increasingly embraced the positive advice of his friend, hanging out with him more and more.

As time went by, O’brian Ignite, who is these days reaching out to young people and sharing his experiences for the better, began to question himself as why he was doing “these immoral things”.

And then, the Campus Trendz tragedy happened.

“That woke me up. That was a jump kick for me. I didn’t know the girls (who died) personally, but I tell myself, all these fresh, young beautiful girls, who could have had a bright future, just gone and died so. And that forced me to seriously look at myself as a young man and how I was living,” reflected this singer/song writer.

With continued encouragement from his friend, O’brian Ignite was “weaned off” his “life of regret” and onto a new path for which he very excited.

For him his music is just a part of his mission.

“I would like to do a lot of ‘street work’, that is, work outside of the church walls. My heart is with young people. I want to do mission work in Barbados, to reach out to the youth, to go into schools,” declared this popular gospel rap act, who got married two months ago.

He intends to take his message of love and inspiration to the “boys on the bloc”.

“My goal first is not to try to get them (boys on block) to come to church. It is first to see them better off and get them off the block. I want to show them love. And when they are off the block in a better situation, they would be more receptive to coming to church,” he reasoned.

Musically, O’brian Ignite has been quite active in his two short years on the local gospel scene.

Last April, for example, he recorded and released a series of works.

They included a mixed tape titled The New, comprising 10 tracks, three originals with the rest being drawn from the Internet and adapted for his musical purpose.

That release, mainly targeted at the youth in his street ministry, also includes some free style rapping.

“I push this in the street,” he pointed out.

Additionally, this Barbadian artiste is hoping to “drop” another mixed tape dubbed Fire Works, in June, “solely for my friends who are not Christians”.

He acknowledged that the music would be adapted in such a way that those youths could relate to it.

“Not that I am going to be conforming or watering down my Christian principals, but if I am going to reach them and connect with them, you must give them music they could easily identify with. It’s the message that matter,” according to the 27 year old “missionary”.

While O’brian Ignite’s mixed tapes are directly for those “in the highways and by-ways”, his singles are for the radio stations as well as such social media as Yutube and Facebook, where he promotes his music.

He has released such singles as Good Bye World, featuring Alanna Tennille and Kas Taylor, Feel Good, featuring Driller and Smile, a solo product.

He also plans to “put out” a compilation compact disc of all his published songs and about three or four other singles “not heard by anybody”.

This proposed compilation, to “hit the streets” around late April, will be titled Smile.

“I will drop a music video also,” added O’brian Ignite, who is featured on the CDs of a number of international gospel artistes including the upcoming album of Boston female artiste, Martay.

Another inspiring plan, is the establishment of Collective, where all of the gospel rappers would promote each others published music. We will follow up that.

One of O’brian Ignite’s visions is to embark on overseas tours to spread his global-sound music, to which he has already been getting plausible response locally from such appearances at Sonfest, Neon For Christ and Gospel Fest. emmanueljoseph@barbadostoday.bb

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