Time for change today

I’ve just concluded having an enjoyable, and enlightening set of news from the Barbados Today dated January 30, 2013.

But before I continue, I would like to take this time to thank each and everyone of you at Barbados Today for an excellent job that you are doing and also keeping Barbadians in the loop with what’s going on in there.

Now with that out of the way, I’ve noticed on the front page of the paper a poster of the BLP saying: “A BETTER TOMORROW”. Wow! That’s a very interesting statement. The way I see it is, a better tomorrow means change. So how much change are you going to have with the same old style of running the country, same old people, along with some of the same who want to return as the head of things?

Change comes from doing things differently, not talking about them, or continuing to promise the people and doing for a few, but not for many.

Based on my travels to different parts of the world I know that Barbados is small, but the people are dedicated to who and what they believe in, and by now should be given even father along with the growth of Barbados.

You have people in Barbados who get out of bed every morning and go to work faithfully to provide a better way of life for they families, and by giving more you are only providing a better way of life for some of them that are no longer able to work and provide for themselves.

Has it even dawned on any of you that are in power to build a community for people 65 and over with all the necessary things right there for them, the same way that you are building the mini city that has been mentioned? Many of these people are still strong, and their minds are functioning well. This community that I am talking about will have places that they can go and eat, shop for little necessities, exercises, have they own entertainment. Let them know that what they have done to contribute to the welfare of Barbados was not in vain — that they are remembered and looked up to as guardians and protectors of the culture of Barbados.

Nothing can take away from and older person more than to just leave them alone to do nothing. Many older citizens can still teach many of the younger citizens a better way of life, and even help them with skills that seem to have died.

A BETTER TOMORROW sounds really good, but doing something about today is what’s important.

If you continue to be divided, and not work toward the common cause which is a better way for the people who has placed you where you are, it’s going to be just more of the same.

Start spending the taxpayers money differently on projects that will yield each and everyone of them something for what they are paying taxes for. I take my hat off to you for giving back, but better can be done. If you are so much for the people, show them by taking a pay cut in salary. I’m sure that you’ll still be able to live in style.

This would be a step in the right direction as proof to the people that you do have their best interest at heart.

— Charles Cadogan

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