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A kiss for you: Carolyn Woodroffe- Holder congratulates her husband, Dennis after he successfully paid his deposit.
A kiss for you: Carolyn Woodroffe- Holder congratulates her husband, Dennis after he successfully paid his deposit.

Democratic Labour Party hopeful, Dennis Holder, says he is bringing representation and a host of ideas to tackle problems facing the people of St. Joseph.

Paying in his deposit to the Treasury this morning ahead of Nomination Day next week, Holder told Barbados TODAY that for the last year and a half residents had been crying out against a lack of representation.

He said the youth had been complaining that their voices were not being heard and for that matter about the lack of proper places for youth groups to gather, and for that fact so had the elderly.

“The elderly in the constituency have been crying out for some place where they can associate. They ask for somewhere where they can come together and what we are doing is looking at the erection of a facility where the elderly will be dropped off during the day and be taken care of and then in the evening when their folks come in they will collect them again and take them back to the environment,” he said.

Further unveiling his plans for the constituency, he said unemployment was another issue he would go after if elected to represent the parish.

In this vein, he said he believed the key was the promotion of entrepreneurship among youth and other groups.

“I believe if I teach a man to fish I feed him for life but if I give him a fish, I just feed him for one day and that goes very heavily with preparing the youth in the constituency making them use whatever resources they have, their hands, their skills along with the lands to better develop themselves.”

Market access for residents, he said, would also play into this idea.

“We are also looking at a market entrepreneurship idea. I think the people of St. Joseph have a lot to offer in terms of what they can produce. There are a lot of farmers in St. Joseph but the problem is that they have nowhere to ply their produce so we are going to be looking at a monthly market day in St. Joseph, where the constituents who have skills ranging from needlework skills, seamstress skills, produce skills, if they are bakers, artists, sculptors, whatever they can do they come to market day where there will be a tent provided for them. This will be done every month-end in various districts throughout the constituency. That is one of the big cries of the people; they want somewhere where they can ply their wares,” said Holder.

Backed by his wife, Carolyn, Holder said as an educator himself he had ideas for youth and education in the constituency.

“We are going to be looking at the whole idea of providing a home-help education programme. I am seeing too much of this year in St. Joseph, children coming home from school and because their parents are out and there is no-one at home, they are roving the streets. We have already approached a number of retired teachers and teachers in the service who are going to come and lend their services.

“We are also going to be having a CXC after-school programme being piloted at Grantley Adams School,” he said adding that it would cater to those who had not been able to explore their full potential at school by providing the opportunity to still gain academic qualifications. (LB)

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