Some tragic ironies

“We shall not weary, we shall not rest…” – Richard John Neuhaus

You can bet your last dollar that on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the United States something along these lines was said: “Happy Martin Luther King day my ni**a!” A tragic irony if ever there was one.

It gets better, well worse, since we are dealing with tragic ironies. At around the 2:29 mark in the following video,, Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., mentions the fact that Planned Parenthood disproportionately targets black women for abortions.

Perhaps this helps to explain why abortion rates for black women are five times greater than that of their white counterparts. Bounty Killer was right when he penned, “Dem’ want de black woman to take abortion.” But, if you prefer scholarship to the anecdotal musings of a “ghetto youth”, then read Anne Hendershott’s A Dangerous Time to be a Black Baby.

The tragic irony is that this dangerous time was made all the more dangerous on the watch of a black President. Health care “reform” brought the removal of a long standing ban on federal funding for abortions. Forward? I think not.

Since Roe v Wade there have been between 55 and 57 million legally induced abortions in the United States. Norma, who used the pseudonym “Jane Roe”, changed her mind as she came to grips with what she called “my law”. Another tragic irony, “Roe” is now on Wade’s side. There was much furore, and rightly so, over the killings at a Connecticut elementary school.

The tragic irony here is that this happens almost every day across the world; young lives are snuffed out and life goes on, at least for the rest of us. But perhaps the most tragic irony about abortion is the fact that it results in the death of several females, for no other reason, than the fact that they are female. Fundamental liberating right, meet sex-selection abortion.

Elise Italiano was right when she wrote: “A feminism that promotes abortion as the key to women’s freedom does not help us flourish, preserve our dignity, or protect us from evils.”

I wonder if it is divine providence that Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the anniversary for Roe v Wade are so close. Perhaps it is just another tragic irony that in the same breath some celebrate the legal acceptance of the destruction of arguably the most vulnerable members of our society and yet purport to celebrate the life of someone who worked tirelessly for people, irrespective of skin colour, to be recognised as equal under the law.

One can reasonably argue that stage of development and skin colour are in the same category. On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which ironically falls near to the previous two events, we hear platitudes about the need to guard against such horrors happening again. Well, with about 55 million and counting in the US alone; what exactly are we waiting for again?

— Adrian Sobers

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