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taanabedpaysdeposittupFormer Democratic Labour Party candidate for Christ Church West, Taan Abed, literally put “his money where his mouth is” earlier today when he paid in his deposit to the Treasury ensuring that his name would be on the ballot paper as an independent candidate in the February 21 general election – once he completes the nomination process next Wednesday.

Arriving promptly at 9 a.m. today, accompanied by his wife Lorraine Abed and his campaign manager, Oriel Johnson, Abed walked briskly to the cashier to pay in his deposit.

Later, in an interview with a team from Barbados TODAY, Abed gave thanks to God for giving him the strength and courage to come forward as an independent candidate to represent the people of Christ Church West.

Abed, who lives in the constituency, said he hopes to represent the constituency in the House of Assembly because the people had been good to him and his family over the past 37 years.

The mechanical engineer said he would like to give back something to a community which had embraced him. He thanked his family for the support they give over the years as he sought to pursue a career in politics.

Abed also had high praise for the honesty and commitment of his campaign manager Johnson.

Commenting on the make up of the constituency, Abed said it was a very diverse area which needed proper representation, and stressed that the constituency needed a representative who understood the people, worked in their interests and not someone who sought self-gratification.

As the DLP candidate for the constituency of Christ Church West in the 2008 general elections, Abed garnered 1,889 votes and several members of the branch felt that he would have been the automatic choice in the up-coming poll after he won the nomination process by the clear margin of 86 votes to Verla De Peiza’s five.

However, his victory at the constituency level was later overturned by the Executive Council and the General Council of the party and De Peiza was chosen to carry the party’s banner on February 21.†(NC)

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