Power of BLP women

Santia Bradshaw’s campaign team with their placards.
Santia Bradshaw’s campaign team with their placards.

It appears the women of the Barbados Labour Party are making no sport.

The six, Mia Mottley, Cynthia Forde, Santia Bradshaw, Sandra Husbands, Margo Durant-Callender, Dr. Maria Agard and Lynette Eastmond, were hot on the campaign trail all today, some up until late this evening to ensure their presence was felt.

Incumbent for the St. Thomas constituency, Cynthia Forde, said she was pleased with the ground work being done and the “excellent” responses she and her colleagues received.

She told Barbados TODAY that when she reached both Welches Terrace and Melrose she heard choruses of people demanding better management of Barbados.

The three-term representative said that better team was the Barbados Labour Party.

“We were happy†for elections and we are happier that the date was announced. People are saying when the [Barbados] Labour Party in we got money in our pocket to spend but now they have nothing and still when they go in the supermarket everything going up — milk, vegetables…

“There are many lamentations — housing, health care, unemployment. A lot of St. Thomas people have not been treated well and they are disappointed. You can look past certain things like if there is a hole in the road you can walk around it or jump over it but when you are not working, you can’t look after your family and children, you can’t jump around that. I have hundreds in the parish not working, I ask God to guide Barbados and get the better team to manage this country’s affairs.

As you know I am an on the ground person and people are hoping for the best and they want a change as soon as possible but I have to tell them they have to wait until elections date but they can’t, they are ready to vote — things dread we voting red,” Forde said.

First-time candidate for the St. Michael South East constituency, Santia Bradshaw, was confident as well when she spoke with Barbados TODAY.

Bradshaw stated that she believed that the constituents were ready for her to be their first female representative because she brought much to the table, including age and entrepreneurship. The attorney–at–law said that since being nominated as the candidate her place has been cemented in the constituency through connecting with the constituents and engaging in sports and cultural activities.

Even before that she said the people knew her as her godmother and many friends live in the constituency and she was confident that they would recognise that her interest for the people of St. Michael South East did not begin because elections were called.

In St. Philip West, candidate Lynette Eastmond will be hoping the third time will be the charm. She said when she hit the road today in a number of different areas in the constituency, the people she spoke to were enthusiastic about going out to vote and giving her a chance to represent them.

She said that the people were now able to compare the work that she did when the BLP was in power, to that of incumbent, Dr. David Estwick, and they were telling her that he did nothing to remedy or even find out the needs of the community. She added that no projects were completed in that constituency — “not even a street light”. (KC)

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