Personal trainer vital

lovingmesitupsGetting a personal trainer is a very important aspect of your exercise programme.

Operations manager at Little League Gym, Lyndon Clarke, says that at the beginning of your training is the best time to consult someone who knows what he/she is doing.

“That person should train you for the first month or so of your training because that is the foundation of your being healthy and your being geared to the shape that you’re looking for.

“It’s basically like being a baby, you groom or nurse it. Or it’s like a tree if you see it leaning to one side you try to straighten it up and gauge it for that. It’s the same thing with weight training, if you get that from the inception, you can groom that person into the form and minimise the risk of injury.

“Injuries are something that can always come into play, no matter how good you are, you can get them. Knowing how you can get there and how you should it, reduces that risk by 95 to 99 per cent,” Clarke told Loving Me. (DS)

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