Journey across Africa

What a sight Africa Day made at George Lamming Primary.
What a sight Africa Day made at George Lamming Primary.

Africa is a wonderful place, says Reverend Seth Ampadu and he took the students of George Lamming Primary School on a journey across the continent.

Addressing the students this morning at an event that started their celebration of African Awareness Month, he said that the ideology of first, second and third world countries was bogus.

“There are some people living in the Caribbean, there are some people living in Africa they are living in the first world and there are some people living in Europe, there are living in the third world so that we will not allow people to define who we are,” he said.

Ampadu also gave the youngsters, their teachers, and parents “highlights” about the continent including languages and populations.

“There are some people who think that Africa is one country — it is a continent with different, different, different countries, about 54 countries, … Africa is big.

“Africa has about 2,000 different languages. You see in Barbados we have one language that is English but when you go to Africa we have different countries. There are people from Africa who belong to different ethnic groups so that even when you go to one particular country who have different, different, different people, different cultures, different environment all together,” he said.

For the event, several students wore African styled clothing, danced and sang songs.

The theme of the event was A Journey Across Africa. (DS)

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