It’s electric!

Candidate Gline Clarke leading poster preparations in St. George.
Candidate Gline Clarke leading poster preparations in St. George.

The election fever is heating up.

Today the constituency offices of both the Democratic Labour Party and the Barbados Labour Party were bursting with activity.

Supporters and candidates were strategising, making placards, organising the distribution of tee-shirts and other party paraphernalia. In St. Michael North West, incumbent Christopher Sinckler, was busy participating in†area captains meetings, in St. George South after all the canvassing, Dwight Sutherland and his team cooked up a storm.

Not left out

The women of the parties were not left out either. The DLP women held a women’s forum at their party’s headquarters at the George Street auditorium while the women of the BLP were busy pounding concrete getting their messages out.

Action began early this morning when the DLP candidates headed to the Treasury Building in the city to pay their deposits.

As the countdown to February 21 continue, activity is expected to intensify. Tomorrow will be another busy day for the politicians, with more candidates hitting the streets and into the night the BLP will hold their big rally at the Standards car park in Haggatt Hall. (KC)†

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