Editor’s Note

It’s funny how you often see things and don’t really pay attention to them until something happens that makes you sit up and notice.

Take Kimberley Atkins for instance. Her story is not a long one but it is interesting because she is determined to lose a couple of pounds this time. She’s tried in the past but fell short.

She might not know but she inspired lazy me to do that kind of activity. I will walk around more at least for the next couple of weeks. I can’t promise you I will work out and I just might take Lyndon Clarke of Little League Gym up on his offer to work out there.

Our cover story this week is reknowned author Eric Jerome Dickey.

Now, I’ve have read all of his books and was excited at the prospect of reading his story – again. Never once have I wondered what his eating habits were. Was he a picky eater or did he eat like a footballer. Did he work out or was he lazy? Oh, I also wanted to know which one of his characters he was like.

My colleague Latoya had the pleasure of interviewing him again and she asked him a couple of personal questions. So check that out.

Until next week when we turn our focus on love, relationships and elections.

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