Determined to be healthier

lovingmekimberleyatkinsKimberley Atkins is on her way to better health and loving herself even more.

She’s started walking, changed her diet and is determined to lose the weight she gained over the years.

Kimberley, a nail technician, told LOVING ME that when she was 22 years old she gained 40 pounds and couldn’t get it off. So now she’s working towards having smaller arms, boobs and waist line.

“I was trying to lose weight for three years,” she disclosed.

Shedding those pounds would also help reduce the acid reflux which bothers her occasionally, she said.

What has she done?

For starters, she drinks barley for breakfast, drinks water or coconut water mostly during the day and instead of snacking, she drinks broth from a health shop close to where she works.

She might eat small portions of vegetable pizza if she gets hungry.

Oh and she eats ital food.

She’s reduced her intake of meat such as beef, pork, and chicken and she’s cut out English potatoes, pasta, although she eats rice and fish.

“I don’t feel bloated now, before I used to. I wanted to start on my birthday, which is in February but I started last Monday. I go walking on Mondays and Tuesdays. I want to be fit enough to dance, I want to be fit enough to dance the whole night. I want to be flexible and toned.

“[My plan] is working out. I feel lighter and more active. I miss out on the snacks but I would eat an apples or some nuts, no grapes and a booster if not eating the entire day and I drink the broth from soup.

Kimberley also hopes that her programme, which involves lots of walking with family, would see her achieving results. (DS)

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