Boyce defends 200 hires

The close to 200 new employees hired for debushing work under the Drainage Unit are not part of any election gimmick.

Minister of Transport and Works, John Boyce, said they were in fact legitimate employees for whom the plans were already in place to hire for the last eight or nine months.

Asked about the large number of persons who had found work within the debushing programme in the last week or so, the Christ Church South MP told Barbados TODAY: “People will criticise any effort that is made. The facts are that the group that you are seeing out even now is something we would have been putting in place for about nine months.

“It took quite a bit of time to go through the legal procedures in respect to employing people. It is no point employing people and then there is no authority under which they can be paid. So it is things like that that take a little while, so if it did coincide, well that’s wonderful still. The point is that the effort was being made,” he stated, noting that employment was one of the key issues as well going into the election.

He said debushing was an issue he would continue to push with the assistance of the Ministry of Health and pleaded with homeowners to keep their properties and lots in good condition.

“I would like to join with my colleagues and ask homeowners, property owners, to pay a little more attention to the feelings of the other residents and to clear their lots.”

The MP said the record of the successes of the party was there for all to see and the Democratic Labour Party would be defending that record in the lead up to the February 21 poll.

The economy, he said, was one of the major issues for this campaign.

“I’m in a tourism belt and I can assure you it has certainly been a booming season so far and the performances for the hotels and restaurants has been very good over the last couple of weeks and this is expected to go on for the normal length of the tourist season. So these are things we are facing.”

The creation of jobs for constituents, home improvements, and road works, he said were among some of the successes he had marked for the residents he represents. (LB)

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