All about balance

campaign should be about issues not gimmicks

It’s all about balanced representation – no gimmicks, no games.

St. Michael West Central MP, James Paul, says this election campaign should be about the issues, empowering Barbadians and setting the economy on a solid trajectory, with the gimmicks left out.

Paul, who said he was not a flashy person and thus his campaigning would reflect such, noted that he was more interested in representation than the flamboyance that sometimes accompanies campaigns.

“I have given adequate representation over the five years and I will fight hard to ensure that representation is continued. We are up against a lot of forces but I think if we stick to what is the core message, which is that I think we want to build a stable economy for Barbados.

“We also want to bring about fundamental change and I have said during the course of everything and in terms of everything that I do that I put 100 per cent into it. We cannot effect change in this country by doing more of the same and continuing to fool people with gimmicks and indulging in gimmickry. That is the issue we have,” he said.

“I think in a sense that if we can effect real change in this particular campaign; let us at least put people who are willing to effect serious change in Barbados and that have the patience in order to do it. There will not be any quick fixes as we go into the next five years. There will not be any quick fixes. What we want are people who are prepared to work with diligence and work with people in the communities to try to effect change…”

That was the type of person he was, Paul argued noting that he had demonstrated such in his constituency.

“All I am asking is for people to stand with me in that endeavour. We will not be doing it by going along with the gimmickry, because at the end of the day when the gimmicks are finished fundamentally there will not be any change in terms of what is going on in the country.”

He said teamwork was a crucial factor and he believed in empowering people to run with projects themselves, even without an MP or candidate there.

“We have to move away from leaderships that basically says everything must come to me. We must empower people, that is our job to facilitate people in the things that they do. We are servants of the people, that is what we are. We are not controllers, we are there to facilitate ideas developing. That is what we are supposed to do.

“We seem to think that unless we are there things cannot happen, that is not true. What we do is build a foundation for others to be able to carry out the work. That is why in the campaigning I am going to be successful because I deal with real people and I deal with trying to show people you can make a difference by getting involved and hopefully that will work.”

It had been a balancing act thus far, said Paul who is head of the organisation set to host Agrofest in another month. But even though it had been busy, he said the campaign was one worth fighting. (LB)

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