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A role of service

(Front left) Senator Irene Sandiford-Gardner, Mara Thompson, Verla DePeiza, Patricia Inniss and Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo, along with (from back left) Dennis Holder, Francis DePeiza and Michael Lashley.

(Front left) Senator Irene Sandiford-Gardner, Mara Thompson, Verla DePeiza, Patricia Inniss and Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo, along with (from back left) Dennis Holder, Francis DePeiza and Michael Lashley.

Parliamentary representative for St. John, Mara Thompson, argues that the role of a representative should not be seen as one of glamour but of service.

Thompson made this observation earlier today while participating in a discussion at Democratic Labour Party headquarters on George Street, St. Michael.

She further argued that the representative should not see the office as an avenue to pursue his/her personal goals, but suggested this idea was clearly lost on the members of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party.

Thompson said the DLP has assembled a team of very powerful women as part of Team DLP 2013. She pointed out that the upcoming general election should remind Barbadians of the reasons why the BLP was turned out of office.

She added that in 2008 Barbadians went to the polls and voted for the love of country and it was expected that they would do the same on February 21.

The St. John MP argued that after five years the BLP had rediscovered poor people and begun to pollute the air with their noise.

The leadership of the BLP, she added, was caught up with a second coming, but the DLP did not think it should be about power, but people. The voters, she pointed out, were being advised to re-examine the same BLP of 2008, a party that had not shed a single political tear or even altered its outlook.

The St. John MP said the BLP must tell the people of Barbados what was so different about the BLP in 2013, charging that the party’s 15-point plan was meant to inflict pain on the poor and privatise state agencies.

The party, Thompson added, has the same leader that drove the economy into the ground and the party has the same candidate in Noel Lynch that had oversight of the high bills now left to the DLP to pay over the much hyped-up World Cup.

The same party still has Gline Clarke and George Payne, part of the team which contributed to the 3S fiasco. She charged that the BLP was still responsible for the $40 million landfill at Greenland which has become an aerial tourist attraction.

Thompson maintained that the reasons the BLP was voted out of office and the DLP voted into office were still present. She said the scant respect shown for the female members of the BLP was also one of the reasons for their defeat in 2008.

“I have sat in Parliament and noticed how uncomfortable the member for St. Thomas becomes whenever she hears the name of Owen Arthur. I do not think she realises how her person goes through a change. One can almost see the tough love that exists between the two. After all, it was that leader that described her as chattel house sitting on prime real estate property,” Thompson said.

She said Arthur’s outburst on the leadership of the BLP in 2010 was shocking and uncalled for.†She pointed out that at no time has Prime Minister Freundel Stuart publicly admonished any of the female members sitting at the head table.

She said: “Think Barbados. What is different about the re-cycled leadership of the BLP? The simple answer is nothing.” (NC)

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