A church scandal

I hope that now the election date has been announced that you still have time to answer a question.

After I saw the letter in last Friday’s column, I was prompted to write about something I experienced with my so called “church family”.

At the request of a friend I went to her church in the south of the island one Sunday. The people were friendly and service was very good so I decided to return.

The following Sunday I asked my boyfriend if he would go with me and he agreed. He too enjoyed the service and we both agreed to go back.

There was woman who held a position in the church (I don’t want to point it out) who started being a bit too friendly with my boyfriend.

He then started to change and every event this woman was sure to be at he would be there. Then he started finding excuses why I should not go, including he could not take me home afterwards. Mind you, we lived in the same area and he never had a problem taking me home before.

When I realised that was happening too often I invested in a car and ignored him because I still considered him my boyfriend. But what had me flabbergasted was when the woman started being cold towards me and I knew I had not done anything, or so I thought.

Subsequently, I received an unsigned letter which I viewed as a threat, and in which the writer purporting to be a man, told me to leave that woman’s man alone.

The person also wrote that I was a horrible person and should even leave the church. I took the letter to the pastors and asked them to deal with it and told them I suspected who it was.

They didn’t have to do anything because I stumbled on him and the woman in the church office on day when I was supposed to be meeting with one of the pastor on the same matter.

They were having sex. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do but I recovered soon enough to take a picture with my camera and send it to the pastor who dealt with them.

They both left the church and last I heard they got married in December.

I just want to know why people don’t stop using the church to cover up their nasty ways.

— Seeking Answers

Since Yuh Asked, SA, I have to confess I do not have an answer to your specific questions. If I were to hazard a guess, however, I would have to say: Because of man’s sinful nature. We do thing like that, even in the church, because it is within us.

But as a Christian, I am sure you know that it is important that we learn to forgive, as hard as it can be at times. They have moved out and on, and you should move on as well. I always tell people that when they discover things like that about their partners so early they should not complain about it at all — count it a blessing.

Just imagine if you had found out you were involved with a dishonest person, to that extent that he would have sex in church of all places,

after you had been married and had children. The dynamics and pain would have been much different, so give thanks.

Just pray for the strength that no matter who comes along in you life you have the capacity to reject any such situation. Having gone through the experience you should never be caught dead doing the same to another person.

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  1. Kay-rani rosita February 11, 2013 at 1:32 am

    You always give such sound advice.


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