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Wood explains

Opposition Leader Owen Arthur, leads the party’s candidates into the Treasury Building to make their deposits.

Opposition Leader Owen Arthur, leads the party’s candidates into the Treasury Building to make their deposits.

A former Cabinet minister under the previous Barbados Labour Party Administration, who had promised not to return after losing in St. Philip South in the 2008 general elections, has had a change of heart because he is unhappy with the state of affairs in the country.

Anthony Wood, who once held the portfolio of minister of agriculture, demonstrated his seriousness about offering himself again to the people of the same constituency on a BLP ticket, when he paid in his deposit this morning to the Treasury.

But Wood’s reason for coming back is: “I don’t like the state of affairs, economically, financially, socially, culturally. The fabric of the Barbadian society has indeed been eroded.

“And I find it difficult not to offer myself †as a candidate again, in order to help with the reconstruction process that this country requires.”

He said when he was the parliamentary representative for two terms, he had a system in place where everyone had the opportunity to determine how the constituency would operate.

“I intend, on resumption, to allow persons to participate in the widest possible way in order to contribute to building strong and healthy communities,” the BLP candidate promised.

“At the national level I obviously will draw on my training as a highly qualified economist and someone who lectures in investments and financial analysis to help with the shaping of public policy in such a way that the country can indeed look forward to pro-growth, pro-employment, pro-investment generation policies and not the policies of the current administration which are anti-growth and anti-developmental.”

Wood said he believed there was need to reverse at the level of public policy because people in the country need to get a chance to contribute to the development of the society.

He said he was not on any mission to retake a seat, but rather to give the constituents an opportunity to retake what was due to them. (EJ)

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