Local scene challenging for bajan artistes, says entertainer

Barbadian artists are pigeon holed, says entertainer Brian Carter.

That was his experience and one of the reasons he left Barbados to pursue his dream.

Having performed on cruise ships, in Las Vegas and Atlanta among other places in the world, he said that Barbados was the only place in the world where he was not appreciated.

“I bear no malice. I recognised that people here have a certain like or a certain feel for certain things and that’s cool, that’s acceptable. Everybody’s not going to like you, like what you do or appreciate what you do and, mind you, there are Barbadians, several of them I’m sure who love and appreciate what I do. It’s just the vast majority of them, especially in this new dispensation, this new system, this new era that we have who are not willing or capable to appreciate what I do. At this stage many people don’t know me,” he said during an interview with Bajan Vibes.

It was after the 90-minute cabaret show at Blue Horizon Hotel that he shared his story and why he left these shores to pursue his dream of being an entertainer.

“There wasn’t a local entertainment scene at the level and direction that I wanted to go. At that time in my life, my career I wanted to do what I’m doing now which is perform live…. I found that here we were pigeon-holed and restricted with the only real so-called music industry being the hotel… If you weren’t in that, you were in some nightclub and the night clubs didn’t offer opportunities for someone like myself. You had to be [part of] that cliquish crowd, the top 40 thing, but I loved variety and I had a lot more to offer,” he said.

He described audiences outside Barbados as “amazing, who make him feel alive” while Bajans are lukewarm.

“I’ve never performed anywhere in the world and been booed or didn’t get a standing ovation or several encores or have a tremendous response except Barbados. …,” the entertainer stated.

Carter, who performed with Stacy Douglas under the name Cohesion, said the show at the Christ Church hotel came about during a conversation with President of Barbados Association of Tent Managers, Sinclair Gittens who said in a separate conversation that he wanted to give artistes a place to perform given the lack of venues. (DS)

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