Praise for DLP’s acheivements

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler

Member of the Democratic Labour Party strategy team, Chris Sinckler, has stated that Wednesday night’s mass meeting at the Esplanade will set the tone for the rest of the campaign.

Sinckler expressed this view earlier today while addressing members of the Press at party headquarters at George Street, St. Michael.

The St. Michael North West MP said Barbadians were living in very serious times, and “as a party and people we have to be reflective of what is required in managing an economy and society in very challenging times”.

He said the DLP was the Government and they intended to be the Government after the next elections and therefore it was incumbent that the party state what it had done and achieved in the past five years. Sinckler noted that if one took a look at the DLP performance booklet which was launched at the meeting, one would see the extensive achievements over the past five years across all of the ministries.

He pointed out that the Government had kept the economy stable and balanced and it had protected the jobs of public servants. Sinckler further pointed out that the Government was still able to give tax relief to some workers, increasing the bands and lowering the tax rates to the tune of $43 million on an annual basis.

The finance minister said Government had been able to reduce the fiscal deficit from a high of nine per cent in 2009, to 4.7 per cent at the end of the last financial year.

Sinckler said Government had been holding the hands of Barbadians by giving civil servants a salary increase in the very first year of its administration.

He said: “When you consider what we have gone through, the world’s worst economic recession in 100 years, we have a record to put to the people. In our social sectors, you know it, you have seen it. The DLP has delivered and delivered extensively even in spite of the challenges.”

Sinckler said Barbadians need to reflect on the reasons why they voted out the BLP in 2008. He recalled the “squandermania, the cost over-runs, the arrogance of leadership, the dominance and rulership of a government over the citizens of Barbados”.

Sinckler argued that the prosecution of the BLP’s transgressions has not expired. He said that more important would be what portends for the country with the return of the BLP to Government.

“We know of the privatisation plan which is no longer a secret. They will privatise several state agencies and send home workers. We know in the 15-point plan presented by Arthur that the scramble to sell good arable, productive lands in Barbados at a bargain basement sale is likely to continue with a return of the BLP to office,” Sinckler warned.

The DLP has to set what would be its new and continuing agenda going forward. He gave Barbadians the assurance that they would continue to enjoy an economically viable, socially stable and environmentally strong programme.

Sinckler warned though that this was not a time for “recklessness, not a time for lawlessness or frivolity or partying”. (NC)

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