Power for Independence

Robert Morris, Ministers Chris Sinckler, Esther Byer-Suckoo and Ronald Jones.
Robert Morris, Ministers Chris Sinckler, Esther Byer-Suckoo and Ronald Jones.

Campaign manager of the Democratic Labour Party, Robert Morris, believes that the DLP should be holding the reins of power when the country celebrates the 50th anniversary of its Independence.

Morris expressed this wish earlier today while speaking at a press conference at party headquarters on George Street.

He said: “We believe that the people of Barbados would understand why we would put that as a major objective and we think that they will stand hand in hand with us to ensure that we get there. We want a very clear majority in the House of Assembly.”

The retired trade unionist pointed out that it was based on a vision that our performance should be “economically viable, socially stable and environmentally sound and prudent in government”.

Morris pointed out that part of the DLP tradition was that it kept to its political moorings inherited from its former leaders. He said that when they looked over at the “other side of the pond”, the believes that the Barbados Labour Party has moved so far from its moorings that they wonder why it keeps its label of “labour”.

He maintained that the founders of that party would never be talking about privatisation because they started the whole programme of nationalisation in Barbados. He then condemned a suggestion made by a BLP candidate that there should be an industrial relations court in Barbados.

“That is so far from BLP moorings because the two Governments have been at one that voluntarism should be the basis of our industrial relations. I am not convinced that we are talking about a BLP,” Morris said.

Explaining the structure of the DLP campaign team, Morris pointed out that there was a tier of volunteers who had been calling every day offering their assistance. He told members of the Press that in one day 380 volunteers had offered to assist.

He said the second tier of their management structure was the constituency branches and the party organs such as the Executive Council and the General Council. Morris further stated that the party has another tier which was made up of the campaign managers.

At the centre, he added, was a core team which was chaired by the party leader. Morris said that when a Government boldly stated that people would remain employed, they had the power to carry out their promise in the public sector, but they could also influence the private sector.

He stressed that Government’s decision to retain the level of employment in the public sector had contributed to the stability of the country. Morris pointed out that the current campaign was based on the idea that only God gave victory. He gave Barbadians the assurance that during the upcoming elections the DLP would be doing the things that were God-based and God-centred. (NC)

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