Marcelle young calypso king

Lead vocalist of the band Traffik Plus, Stephen Marcelle, is the 2013 National Calypso Young Kings.

He defeated 18 opponents on Monday in the final at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s.

Marcelle performed Politics Does Spoil The Lime, a political commentary sprinkled with light humour which had the audience laughing during his performance.

The song explores how anything to do with politicians and political issues seem to bring down people’s moods.

It also addresses what takes place in Parliament as well as the high level of corruption in Trinidad and Tobago.

In the opening verse Marcelle sings that he and some calypsonians were on a boat trip to Tobago sharing jokes, playing cards and drinking when someone brought up some political talk and everyone ended up sour.

In another verse Marcelle sang that he was romancing a young woman and had everything perfectly laid out- wine, lobster and chocolates.

Everything was going well until he mentioned the Section 34 issue and the lady left in a huff.

Dillon Thomas, who recently won the Calypso Stars of Tomorrow title, had to settle for second place.

He performed For A Crown, a calypso that speaks out against the nefarious things some calypsonians and soca artistes resort to in order to win titles.

The live props in his presentation made references to certain artistes, causing audience members to laugh and call names. Delivering an impressive performance was Shylocks who is the son of the Mighty Sparrow. The young man performed When You Take A Life, a lamentation about the number of senseless killings in the country.

Shylocks, whose real name is Sergio Francisco, was dressed like his father and his performance style and vocal ability were also like Sparrow.

Before the competition began the producers, the National Action Cultural Committee, presented lifetime achievement awards to cultural anthropologist John Cupid and humourist John Agitation, both of whom received $5,000. (Trinidad Express)

The Final positions:

2013 Young King Calypso Monarch results

1st – Stephen Marcelle – Politics Does Spoil De Lime

2nd – Dillon Thomas – For A Crown

3rd – Sergio Francisco – When You Take A Life

4th – Hamidullah – Able Disable

5th – Helon Francis – Tainted Legacy

6th – Roderick Chucky Gordon – Bear With Me

7th place -Mister Nature – Key to Success

8th place – Jadee – Mind Yuh Own Business

9th place – Kenson Neptune (Ninja) – Ah Buying

10th place – Dr. Will B – Mr Blackberry 180 Degree

10th place – Calypso Prince – Asylum Without A Gate

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