Hard fight for Francis Depeiza

dlpfrancisdepeizaIt appears that Democratic Labour Party candidate, Francis Depeiza, will have a long, hard road to travel to unseat the incumbent in the St. Michael North constituency.

That is because as the Barbados TODAY team toured that area this evening a number of residents said they did not know who he was and suggested they were not interested in finding out. Some even openly stated that Barbados Labour Party incumbent, Ronald Toppin, would once again get the X.

Lodge Crescant resident, Ester Brathwaite, said that she had no issues with Toppin and said she believed he did a credible job when the Barbados Labour Paarty was in Government and also while in Opposition. She said the only issue she and others in the area had was the fact that for years they were trying to get natural gas in their neighbourhood but they had “butt up on a brick wall”.

“Everything else is reasonable,” she said. “My children know him, he comes around here regularly. He deals with the children at the school, when it comes to 11-Plus he gives them supplies. He would come up here and know people by name, he is that type of person.

“From one election to the next, you see him all the time. Each election it is Ronald Toppin and somebody different each time from the other party. We can’t keep track, so we keep track of the man who knows the people,” said Brathwaite.

Wendell The Ghost Scantlebury, who was a familiar face in the constituency but not a resident, said he too would be backing the BLP†on February 21 when he places his vote for Mia Mottley in the St. Michael North East constituency.

He said the current administration “mess” him up when they “put me in the morgue and forget me, swear blind I was dead” so he would not be taking a chance with them or for that matter the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

In Well Gap the attitudes were the same.†Seventy-nine-year-old, Inez Carter, asked the Barbados TODAY team if they were sure when they gave her the name of the DLP candidate.

She said she would not be going with someone she had never seen or heard of before, when Toppin was a regular and assisted her to acquire a plot of land to place her house on when her pension could not cover the rent she paid for a previous plot, and other amenities she needed. (KC)††

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