Fine Twine’s way with words

It is what it is, says poet Samantha Hazlewood.

Going by the pen name Fine Twine, she started writing at the age of 11 and today at a “youthful 33 who is often mistaken for 28”, she has written “hundreds” of poems which she has “shared with a few friends”.

“Words just come naturally, I love the beauty of stringing words and emotions together. I am inspired funny enough when depressed, my best pieces are usually when something is my mind so writing is a release. I’ve only done an open mic once, and that was an NCF Read In. I’m very outgoing but scared of performing in crowds, so I prefer just to write and let my words take you on a journey,” Hazlewood said.

She noted that she does not like attention as “crowds make me really nervous” so she’s looking at starting a Youtube channel “soon”.

Her favourite topics are relationships, anti-love as she “just loves painting a picture for people”

“I’m outgoing, love meeting people, and learning from people’s experiences,” she added.

It is what it is he said

I sighed, smirked and shook my head It has to be on my terms babes, our complexed lives have intertwined but right now I can’t allow for our knot to tighten. Again I smiled for I knew my role I knew what time it was from the first time his blood passion lips touched mine The first time he took my hand, stroked my hair and caressed my mind I knew but I closed my eyes to the truth because I was in love and the feeling he gave me was bliss Now the hard part comes, the rules, the specifications of ramifications The I told you so The please don’t gos, the give me time Time? Time to do what? To break my heart into a million pieces and squash each bit like you don’t care? Time to rub your happiness in my face? Time for you to use my body like an exotic plate where you can partake of the rare delicacies when and where ever you like? And as wrong as it was and is I love you I love every thing that you penetrate The betrayal of my heart streams down my face and you pull me close You whisper in my ear you will always be there, that you will never give me up I push you away, shake my head and say but it is what it is. (January 17, 2013)


I’m his kryptonite, his poison, I am dangerous, but seductive with it… Not green in colour, but envious for what he has, His perfect life, wishing and thinking maybe I should have been his “one” The one that sits at his side, the one he calls and honours as his queen But I’m not…I am just the kryptonite he dares not touch

For if he does he will be captivated into a world Where nothing makes sense, where everything gets complex and answers are never straight… If only the hands of time were years before Where he would be my superman, Where we would find an absolution from the curse of the kryptonite

But then again Who knows, maybe someone would be in my place and I in hers…†

A Finetwine Original (February 28, 2012)††

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