DLP booklet details party’s performance

dlpaccountingforstewartshipPrime Minister Freundel Stuart has expressed pride in the achievements of his Government which are contained in a booklet titled: DLP Performance 2008-2012.

In the foreword to the booklet, Stuart recalled that when the Democratic Labour Party came to office in January 2008, it confidently expected that it would have been able to govern in circumstances that were normal.

Stuart however explained that the party was jolted into reality by the fact that global economic and financial circumstances were far from normal and would continue to be so for some considerable time.

He said the DLP was confronted with the reality that they were going to have to govern in the worst economic and financial crisis the world has seen in about 100 years. Stuart further stated that it was open to the Government to see this reality as a problem or to see it as an opportunity.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the party opted to see the economic situation as an opportunity and embarked on a path of achieving for the people of Barbados at the social, political and economic levels.

He recalled that at the social level the party focused on those initiatives that would alleviate the distress of the most vulnerable sections of the society.

At the economic level, the party recognised the existence of turbulence globally and determined that Barbados would be kept stable while sacrificing none of those basic comforts to which the people had become accustomed. The Prime Minister said that at the political level, the party tried to deepen the mechanisms that allowed for greater participation by the citizens of Barbados.

While asserting that the party had served the people of Barbados well in the most challenging circumstances any government has had to face since Independence, Stuart said he stood ready to serve the people of Barbados again “as only a DLP Government can”.

The document details the work of the Government on a sectoral basis. (NC)††

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