blpgriffithandposterHudson Griffith, the Opposition Barbados Labour Party candidate who was severely beaten in the St. John By-Election by the ruling Democratic Labour Party’s Mara Thompson, said this morning he would now have to wait and see if the people would “send” for him this time at the national polls.

Immediately after making his deposit to the Treasury, Griffith told Barbados TODAY that as far as canvassing was concerned, he had done the work he was supposed to do and had been active for the past two years in the constituency.

“But you know St. John is a place where they send for their candidate. In 1958, they sent for Errol Barrow, after he was beaten in St. George. On the death of Errol Barrow, they sent for David Thompson; he was in his youth. And on the death of David Thompson, they sent for Mara Thompson. So, we have to wait and see on the 21st [February], if they would send for me,” Griffith declared.

The BLP candidate observed that St. John prided itself on having its own politics and election.

“So the most we can do,” he added, “is to continue doing what we’re doing – our work – and present myself as a representative of the Barbados Labour Party and present our programme. That’s what we will do for St. John once we are given the opportunity to represent them.”

Asked how the constituents had been responding to him, Griffith was magnanimous in his reply.

“St. John people are known to be kind and respectful and they have extended that respect to me. I don’t have any problem with anybody in St. John, and I really appreciate the embracing they have done. But again, election is normally determined in St. John on the night of the election and that is what we are waiting on.”

Griffith also told this newspaper he did not feel uncomfortable about the “unlikelihood” of winning the St. John seat.

“No, far from uncomfortable. Again, the St. John people determine what they will do, when they will do, and how they will do it. As I said, they have all been respectful. Certainly, I have developed a number of friendships with the people of St. John, and we will wait on the night of the elections and see what happens,” he stated.

The BLP candidate was not willing to say what he thought his chances of victory were, but pointed out that his party (and he) would continue to “represent St. John, as has been done for the last 54 years.” (EJ)†

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