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Arthur Holder, ensures that the electoral list for his constituency is up to date.
Arthur Holder, ensures that the electoral list for his constituency is up to date.

Opposition Barbados Labour Party St. Michael Central candidate, Arthur Holder, is accusing his ruling Democratic Labour Party opponent, Steve Blackett of disrespecting the constituents, by sending canvassers in his place to ask them for their vote.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY this morning, minutes after paying in his deposit to the Treasury, Holder, an attorney-at-law, gave the assurance he was ready for the February 21 election because had already done all the ground work and completed his house-to-house canvassing.

“What is noticeable is that my opponent, the incumbent, has been unable to go to people’s homes to ask for their vote, simply because in the five years that he has been elected representative, he has failed the people miserably. As a result, he is sending around canvassers, rather than going and face the people himself – he is actually sending around canvassers,” declared the prospective BLP MP.

He said the response from the people during his campaigning had been overwhelming and even though his house-to-house was completed, he was continuing to meet “his constituents,” daily.

“I have no reason to shy away from the people,” Arthur added.

The BLP candidate insisted that because Blackett, currently minister of community development, had failed his constituents, he now did not have the fortitude or gumption to go to the people to solicit their vote again.

Arthur said his canvassing had found that the main need of the St. Michael Central constituents was employment.

“The level of unemployment in St. Michael Central is massive,” he reported, “The young people are on the block. Nothing has been provided for the young in the form of entrepreneurship; in the form of developing resources and programmes, to get them off the block. A lot of these young people just need a hand.”

The aspiring parliamentarian argued that these were people who had the capacity to be entrepreneurs in Barbados.

“These are persons who don’t really want hand-outs, yuh known,” Arthur asserted.

He suggested that all these young people desired was the mechanism to be put in place through which they could work.

“I am pledging my support, my goodwill and my commitment to the people of St. Michael Central, a commitment that was sadly lacking for the past five years, that is what I’m pledging,” assured the DLP candidate. (EJ)†††

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