The election buzz

February 21 is the day everyone will be tuned to the radio and television – when we in Barbados go to the polls. I honestly thought we would never have found out when elections would be called as it seems like it was taking forever to be revealed. As soon as the date was released yesterday there was a buzz in the air. Three weeks from now we all will be going to the polls.

Some are under the impression that this will be a landslide victory for one of the parties contesting, but I honestly do not believe that. I believe that this will be one of the closest elections we have ever had. One party will try to hold on while the other will try to take away – this should be very interesting indeed.

This election to me is one that we all should participate in. At this point we are facing very harsh economic times with no relief seen on the horizon. We need to vote for whom we believe is capable of leading us out of this recession. We cannot expect that if there is a change of Government that relief will come within the first year of office. To get out of this big hole we are in it will take time.

Sometimes I hear persons saying that they will not be voting. Our forefathers fought hard for this right and we should take it seriously. Some may say it doesn’t matter who is in power but actually it does. Whoever is appointed to lead us has very critical decisions to make that will affect us all. The cost of living has skyrocketed, gas prices constantly on the rise, unemployment on the rise — so please tell me why we all shouldn’t vote.

The only thing I do not appreciate at election time is politicians who I have never seen in five years, coming to my door step campaigning for my vote. Where were you for the past five years? This is not the time for words, we the people of Barbados needs actions. How will our children’s children survive if nothing is done about our cost of living?

Once upon a time a hundred dollar bill would take you far — not anymore. From the time it is broken, that is it. We as a people need relief or at least a leader with a plan on how we will get relief. This is a time that the people of Barbados receive reassurance that eventually things will get better.

I implore all to take the time on February 21 to cast your vote. Please don’t stay away from your polling stations; exercise your right to vote. I will be there on February 21 because I believe that my vote counts. I am voting for the person I believe is capable and competent to lead Barbados forward in these hard times that we are facing and the harder times that are too come. Have a wonderful week ahead!!!

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