Spring Garden earmarked for local producers

The current Administration intends to improve facilities for local producers of all types.

Minister of Industry, Small Business and Rural Development, Denis Kellman, said as his ministry prepared to establish a new showroom on Spring Garden at the site of the former Workbench Furniture, he wanted similar help for vendors and farmers.

He was speaking in the House of Assembly today as Government members debated and approved a supplementary resolution for the Ministry of Agriculture.

“It is no doubt that we have to understand that the same way that Bridgetown is now in Hastings, and that Bridgetown is now in Wildey and that Bridgetown is now in Warrens, and that people who have money have been able to take Bridgetown to those areas, we as a Government have to understand that we have Spring Garden,” the St. Lucy MP said.

“Spring Garden is not just outside of Bridgetown, Spring Garden is also outside of the Bridgetown Port, and I have said that the area where we are about to set up the showroom and store rooms too for the manufacturing sector …, we are allowing them to be part of Bridgetown…

“By building a showroom down in the Spring Garden area it allows them to do for themselves where the certain people have decided that they are not going to do for them,” he said.

Kellman said rather than “belly aching and crying and saying that the furniture manufacturers cannot sell their goods, we are creating a provision and a key location for them to be able to sell their goods”.

“I am saying when one looks at the relationship between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Industry it is no doubt that we have to work hand in hand and that we must create the enabling environment,” he stated.

“So that when the farmers of Barbados have their produce and if Bridgetown is the key location then it means it is imperative on the Ministry of Industry, Small Business and Rural Development to utilise and to bring manufacturing showrooms with a possible market also that will accommodate the farmers of Barbados also.”

The official said the result would be the creation of “an extension so that the small people of Barbados can have a foot in to Bridgetown”.

“It can only come from the Democratic Labour Party because it was not us who spoilt the land, but it is us that will correct the problem and that will empower the small people of Barbados,” he said.

“That type of creativity can only come from this side and that is why that other side is empty. Not only do you have empty seats, you have empty talk.” (SC)

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