Ready for war

Prime Minister Stuart lends support at function.
Prime Minister Stuart lends support at function.

Democratic Labour Party candidate for St. Philip South, Adriel Brathwaite, has given his constituents the assurance that his party has done its best to meet their needs in very trying times.

This assurance was recently given to the constituents of by Brathwaite, who is also the Attorney General in a specially prepared brochure.

He said even though a lack of resources had sometimes tempered the party’s best efforts, the DLP would continue to seek solutions to the people’s most pressing needs.

Commenting on the upcoming General Elections, the DLP candidate said: “We have a fight on our hands and it is one we will win. The key to victory is preparation and the need to be battle ready.

“First, become armed with the facts about what the DLP Government has done for you and the people of this country. Share this information with everyone you come in contact with. On the day of election, exercise your hard fought right to decide who will govern you for the next five years.”

Brathwaite argued that these were challenging times which offered real opportunities to create prosperity.

He warned: “Do not be taken in by quick fixes offered by the desperate members of the Opposition. The economy we are building is sustainable and will be less vulnerable to global shocks; the society we are shaping will sit solidly on the foundation of truth, hard work and togetherness. We go forward as a family, united to win this war for our future and that of our children.”

Brathwaite noted that his constituency had introduced a breakfast programme that currently caters to 40 students. He thanked the volunteers who prepared the meals and the companies and individuals who supported the programme.†(NC)†

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