Plea for help

President Errol Hurley
President Errol Hurley

A vehicle to transport disabled members and a base for their headquarters would make a nice 30th anniversary gift, and it is what the Barbados National Organisation of the Disabled is asking for.

President Errol Hurley told a gathering at the 30th anniversary launch this morning that with them picking up a $20,000 tab for transportation of disabled persons alone, it would be easier and more economical to have their own vehicle.

“This organisation is 30 years but we still need help. At the present moment we are looking to purchase our own vehicle and I am pleading with corporate Barbados or whoever to please assist us in getting transport for this organisation. Transport can be very heavy. Our transport bill every year goes up in the region of the $20,000 mark and that is not an easy range. We have to bring members to meetings, the executive has to come to meetings and we still have to take members who are going to funerals and things like that out and when we are doing the organisation’s business, going to the bank or whatever, we have to depend on paying a car or van or whatever,” he said.

While he acknowledged that some might claim the maintenance costs of a vehicle would be too high, Hurley assured that it would be considerably less than they now spend.

The president said too that they were hoping as well to secure a headquarters for the organisation, noting that after 30 years they now had to move to the next phase of development.

“We need to have an office where we can run the day to day affairs of this organisation. We cannot look at BARNOD 30 years this year as still a small organisation or community group. We have to look at BARNOD now and run it as a business so that we can build for the future.

“I am looking to get a building where we can have an office, auditorium, probably an exercise room where persons can come and do physio-therapy and where we can probably set up a day care for persons with disability that when their family has to go to work we can bring them, we can take care of them, and we have to look down the road,” he stated.

“We have to plan for the future,” he said, adding that it would require lots of fund raising, further calling on members and past members to assist as well. (LB)

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