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St Michael South Central MP, Richard Sealy, gets a big hug from Kodea Smith who lives at Stuart’s Lodge, while Sealy reaches out to a member of his family.
St Michael South Central MP, Richard Sealy, gets a big hug from Kodea Smith who lives at Stuart’s Lodge, while Sealy reaches out to a member of his family.

If the level of support shown for parliamentary representative for St. Michael South Central, Richard Sealy, in Stuart’s Lodge, Tweedside Road, is any indication of the support he enjoys across the constituency, he could be headed for his third term in the House of Assembly following the February 21 general elections.

Yesterday, in the presence of a team from Barbados TODAY, Sealy was hugged, kissed and invited into the homes of several residents who came out to greet him.

The MP said securing 100 housing solutions for his constituents when there were limited revenue streams was “an eloquent statement of my effort over the past nine years”. Sealy pointed out that the land at Stuart’s Lodge was originally earmarked for the construction of a new Carrington’s Primary School.

He explained that after being elected in 2003, he lobbied aggressively, though unsuccessfully, to have the land used for housing development. Sealy, who has been Minister of Tourism over the past five years, said it was not until the Democratic Labour Party assumed office in 2008 under the leadership of the late David Thompson that a decision was taken to construct 21 units on the site.

He pointed out that the construction of the units at Stuart’s Lodge was historic because it was the first time the National Housing Corporation had ever undertaken a project of this nature in Carrington’s Village, St. Michael.

Sealy also noted that it was through his efforts that 80 housing solutions had been provided at Valerie, Brittons Hill. He explained that there were 72 two-bedroom units and eight “bedsitters” specifically constructed for the physically challenged and the elderly.

He further explained that it was the first time that urban high-rise housing was introduced to Barbados.

The MP said: “I have really fought for the 100 housing solutions we have provided over the past couple of years in St. Michael South Central. It does not totally quench the demand for housing because there is a housing crisis in Barbados.”

Giving further account of his stewardship, Sealy said he has been able to have all the roads on Martindales Road and Hall’s Road repaired, Tweedside Road resurfaced and Flagstaff Road rehabilitated. He said that in the area of health care, constituents could now enjoy subsidised health at the Forlorn Clinic, which is located on Chadderton Road. The benefactor is United States-based Dr. Kirk Lambert, who spent his formative years in the constituency.

Stressing his commitment to the constituency, Sealy said: “I have worked hard to represent the interests of the constituents. I had a very demanding portfolio but I never allowed my national responsibility to limit my interaction with my constituents.

“I have identified with my constituents in times of grief and celebrations. I have a very compelling story to tell and I will be putting that case very energetically.”

The minister explained that under the chairmanship of Jeffrey Shepherd the constituency council has assisted several parents of primary school children who were experiencing challenges at the beginning of school terms. He stated that with the assistance of some benefactors, he has been able to establish The Help Them Learn Foundation to assist young people who have expressed an interest in continuing their education. (NC)†††

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