Moments of note from 2003 to 2012

Blossoms Notables 2003 to 2012

1. In 2003, just prior to her retirement, Straker fulfilled her wish for Blossoms to have their own local Blossom pin replacing the ‘Rabbit Pin’ out of England for the Rainbows, which the girls had worn from 1992. This pin was designed by Jennifer King, and the first batch was produced in Barbados.

2. The Blossom patch (red hibiscus on a yellow background) previously bought separately and sewn onto the tabard was discontinued and the hibiscus screen-printed directly onto the tabard.

3. Initially the Blossom entry age was five years old but in 2005 the age was reduced to include four years old who were already at primary school.

4. The Blossom section was granted permission to have Sleepovers, thereby fully incorporating all aspects of guiding into their programme. It must be noted however that this permission does not come lightly, as applicants must meet the entire requirements equivalent to that of a Brownie Pack Holiday or Guide Camp. Application must be made to the Camp Advisor on the appropriate forms, complete with a full complement of Qualified Officers.

5. In 2007, a red beret and hat crest were added to the uniform. The addition of the hat to the Blossom uniform also meant that the Section was allowed to march in the Annual Thinking Day and Thanksgiving parades.

6. Blossom Participatory Badges were approved, designed, introduced and first made available in 2007. Permission was also granted for Blossoms who go on to Brownie Section to wear their “Bloom Up” badges on the Brownie uniform.

7. Blossoms with Badges led to the another development that saw the Barbados Blossom Award being introduced, and the first Barbados Blossoms Awardees were presented at our Thinking Day service In 2008.

8. In 2008, in celebration of the 15th Anniversary, Blossoms marched through the streets of St. Michael from Codrington House to the Christ the King Anglican Church at Rock Dundo for a church service. A national campaign was launched and the first ever Blossom Garden Party and Costume Parade was held at Girl Guides Headquarters. A national Blossom sleep-over was also introduced and held at Pax Hill for Blossoms across the island.

9. By 2010, the garden party and costume parade had outgrown the facilities at Pax Hill. Divi Southwinds collaborated with the Section and made their beautiful and spacious grounds at St. Lawrence, Christ Church available for the event.

10. In May 2011 to acknowledge and celebrate Child Month, Blossoms marched through the Streets of Bridgetown from the General Post Office at Cheapside to Guide Headquarters at Pax Hill, Belmont Road, St. Michael.

11. In May 2012, the Section joined the fight against HIV/Aids and adopted a shelf at the HIV/Aids Food Bank. Rice was the chosen shelf, and the girls and leaders alike, took on the task to ensure that a generous donation of rice was delivered as part of our Child Month activities.

A follow up to this activity was undertaken on 1st December 2012 when the Blossoms, accompanied by Brownies, Guides and Guiders marched from Pax Hill to Independence Square to drop off their rice, as part of World AIDS Awareness Day food drive and appeal by the HIV/Aids Commission and HIV Food Bank.

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