Full support for Jones

dlpronaldjonescanvassWhen elections are held, the constituents of Christ Church East Central will be Jonesin’.

Democratic Labour Party supporters and more are expected to put their full support behind incumbent and Minister of Education, Ronald Jones.

Last Saturday, he and his team of canvassers toured the constituency to rally supporters in Kingsland Crest, Kingsland Park, Kingsland Terrace stage 1, Kingsland Terrace and Wotton.

Jones told Barbados TODAY that during his time as representative for the area, in spite of the difficulties presented by the economic climate, he achieved much, including improvements to roads and housing in the constituency and was prepared to accomplish much more if given another chance.

While canvassing the constituency some of the needs, he said, highlighted were installation of natural gas and more employment opportunities. He added though that people were understood the constraints created by the current economic climate. But Jones made it clear that limited money in the national Treasury did not mean that work in the constituency had been curtailed.

The minister, who is also responsible for Human Resources Development, said one of the key projects he was desirous of starting was a national survey geared towards 18 to 30 year olds. This programme, he explained, would help to find out the needs, aspirations and qualifications of young people as a way of understanding their skill set to help them move forward productively, avoiding “shooting in the dark” when policies and initiatives are created for them. (KC)

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