MP Chris Sinckler greeting Dale Clarke.
MP Chris Sinckler greeting Dale Clarke.

Minister of Finance and DLP candidate for St. Michael North West, Chris Sinckler, has hit the 2013 General Elections campaign trail with a powerful tool – a full colour magazine called Promises kept … and more!

The document details a list of promises made ahead of the 2008 elections and supported by a wide variety of photographs, provides the “evidence” of the promises having been kept.

In a letter to constituents, the MP states: “It is with a sense of satisfaction, yet humility, that I take this opportunity to share with you the many achievements which together you and I have been able to secure over the past five years.

“When I first asked you for the privilege of being your parliamentary representative, having listened to your many concerns over the lack of strong representation for our area, I produced a “mini-manifesto” to serve as a guide or work programme of things as a team we would work to achieve to enhance the quality of life in St. Michael North West.


dlpchrissincklerdelivered“Throughout the pages of this booklet you will see an extensive array of accomplishments that have not only met the promises I made but have in some instances surpassed the goals we set out. From improved housing and living conditions, to the laying of natural gas, to the resurfacing of many roads, to the placement of street lights across many districts, to the rebuilding of the Deacons Development Project, and the acquisition of Texaco Cricket Ground we touched the lives of many across this community.

“But nothing has brought more joy to me and my team than seeing the impact which our extensive social care and development programme have had on our fellow constituents. Whether through our back to school assistance programme, Lawson Weeks Scholarship Awards, assistance to our schools, the Summer Job Attachment Programme for Teens, the cultural events, sponsorship of sports teams, community clean-up, hamper distribution or simply just being there to lend a hand when needed, we have found our satisfaction in bringing a smile to the faces of many.

“I hope that as we reflect on our achievements, we give thanks to God for granting us such gifts especially in this most difficult period of challenge for Barbados and the world, and that together with his help we can achieve greater things in the next five years.”

The document was launched last weekend with much fanfare. (RRM)

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