A few questions

I have noticed that some of us in Barbados don’t know or understand what constructive criticism is. Some don’t have a grasp of being non-partisan and just giving straight up views on topics and on people and things, if they happen to be the topic being discussed.

As for those who believe if you are critical of someone or of a political party that you are with the other person or party, they need to wise up. I was made aware of these things when a gentleman I am acquainted with informed me that he reads my column weekly, and he realises I am writing for a certain party.

I never managed to respond as he was driving away when he commented but I think he needs to look a bit closer at what I comment on in this column. I simply give my opinion and at times the opinion of others and just that. I believe that soon in Barbados we will find it hard to voice our political opinions because some party follower may take serious offence, and instead of just a good old Bajan cuss-out about it over a few beverages it will be a shoot out or shoot at.

I am seeing some little things that are seeping into our culture year after year. I do hope I never live to see it get any worst that it is now. Idle threats will be no longer, just straight up retaliation.

I don’t intend to be on the political side of things right now so I will shift that for the time being. Anyone who knows me will be aware that I am not frighten or scared to give my view, so expect lots of it from me.

What I am about at present is the dreary situation we have here with recreation. Those of us with young children will be very in-tuned to what I have to mention now. It has to do with where we take our young children during the weekend so we are able to just relax and enjoy seeing them enjoy themselves or take them so they and their friends can have a great time doing kid stuff.

Outside of Chefette’s playground and probably one or two other spots, there is nothing else. Furthermore, the others are not widely publicised. I know I have mentioned this times over but it came back full circle lately when speaking to a few parents to hear them say how boring Barbados is for children.

People want more than just sea, sand and sun for their kids. The average tourist is Caucasian, and can only take as much sun as their skin will allow unless they want to be burnt or roasted somewhat. They seem to be no one here willing to take the plunge and create an exciting venue for the children. I am not just talking of all frolic but somewhere they can be entertained too and be a bit interactive.

I do have ideas but the capital is something else. I am willing to share my ideas with anyone willing to fund such a venture. I don’t mind having a partner who has our young ones at heart and the development of our tourism product too. Some hotels have a Kids Club, but how many are they? What are they doing to keep the attention of these children? My next question will be if the hotels allow locals to be a part of their activities.

That answer I believe will be a big “No!” I feel very sure if handled and done the right way my idea will benefit both tourist and local alike. I will share it once I am given the financial assistance needed and am willing to make it a government project too if I can get them to buy into it. It will be of little expense to Government, but will require some corporate assistance.

I am sort of like Pooka’s donkey right now and will be all over the place with this column today. I will expand some more on my idea about the kids’ entertainment, but I want to touch one last thing.

My next question is to the Guyanese Consulate. Since we are well into the 21st century where technology is a must and the basic stuff is very accessible, I want to know if by chance you all own a printer or copier machine. In any business a printer or copier is very important. The basic ones are fairly affordable but the ink can be a bit pricey, but the fact that it is a must you need to make it happen.

I must say I am at present convinced that they do not own one. If they do, they are trying to save on ink and paper, because every week I am bombarded by individuals wanting to use my office printer to copy documents and passports and all sorts of things they need to take back to the consulate.

The annoying part is that they always say they were sent by the consulate. Do they feel that my ink or paper is given to the office by the supplier for free while theirs is bought? So you may say it is just a little document or just a few sheets of paper, but try adding up the few sheets every week and every month and you will soon see the cost piling up.

You may do it once but then there is the second and third and soon the 20th and so on. If cost is a factor for them in making copies for their customers then charge them a dollar or so if they need to. It can be a bit embarrassing to these people who come begging for a few things copied and you have to tell them that you don’t offer that service.

If the consulate is being of service to their countrymen and women then be of good service and get a copier please, and stop sending around people to neighbouring businesses for what you should be offering. Things may be tight all around but you need to do what is necessary.

If by chance you need a good deal on a good copier, I know of a few places I could send you where you can get the ink and paper one time at a very good price.

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