Unite in crime fight, Bermudians told

regionalbermudakillerHAMILTON — Counsellor Martha Dismont has advised Bermudians must come together like they do for a hurricane to help end the violence in Bermuda.

Dismont, executive director of the Family Centre, spoke out after the double murder of Ricco Furbert and Haile Outerbridge on Wednesday at Belvin’s Happy Valley store.

She said in a press release: “We know we cannot throw money at this situation, nor pretend that it will go away tomorrow. If we heard that a powerful hurricane was about to hit our island, we would prepare.

Come together

“We would ignore the barriers that separate us and come together. We would work together to prepare for, and battle the storm as one.

regionalbermudamurdervictims“We must unite with the same urgency to face the hurricane of violence that we are seeing again swell throughout the community of our disenfranchised community.”

She said Bermuda is unfortunately reaping what it has sown over the many decades.

Dismont added the island must double or triple the time, support and investment into young people “if we want to reverse this pattern of pain”.

She said these young people who are disenfranchised “gamble it all” because they believe they have nothing to lose.

But when a “young person values the meaningful relationships that they have with family, teachers and neighbours, they have something priceless to lose and they will protect it fiercely”. (Bermuda Sun)

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