Sands gets personal

Candidate Desmond Sands speaking with constituents.
Candidate Desmond Sands speaking with constituents.

For the last couple of years, Desmond Sands has been on the campaign trail and now that the general elections are around the corner, he and his team have stepped up canvassing.

The Barbados Labour Party candidate for Christ Church East Central told Barbados TODAY that the canvass was going “very good” and the people were very receptive. He also noted that the constituency was a diverse one that included communities such as Kingsland, Wotton, South Ridge and Bannatyne.

“I’ve gone into all of these areas to interface with persons. I’m a first time candidate and what I’m trying to do is to knock on each household’s door to get more personal with the residents. My target is to knock on every door,” he said.

Sands, a former lawman turned attorney-at-law, noted that one of the things he had noticed during his canvass was the different needs of the youth, who range in age from 18 to 30 years-old.

One group of people was seeking to be better qualified, another was qualified and then another was the boys on the block.

“In terms of young persons in the constituency, although there’s this talk about entrepreneurship and creating an avenue for entrepreneurship, that sounds pretty but you must have programmes in place to facilitate that at a community level and I think that’s what’s failing.

“Those young people are saying that we don’t have access to programmes at a community level, that we can go and engage ourselves or create business and work for ourselves. I’m not specifying, any type of work but they just want the opportunity,” Sands said.

The politician said the people on the block were “not just pushing out their hands and I can tell you that about some of the fellas that hang out on areas the people call blocks. Men and women want the opportunity to work and not just traditional work, seven days a week”.

Sands said the average householders were concerned about the cost of living. (DS)

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