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Sharing with residents on the campaign trail.
Sharing with residents on the campaign trail.

Christ Church South Member of Parliament John Boyce is proud of his record of service to constituents.

Additionally, Boyce told Barbados Today he was also proud of what he had been able to achieve for persons all over the island as Minister of Transport and Works, particularly given the limited funds that have resulted from the impact of the international recession.

In a brief interview while campaigning in the Atlantic Shores area of Christ Church yesterday, Boyce noted that a number of challenges which constituents faced prior to the Democratic Labour Party taking office had now been eliminated, including flooding in the Goodland area and poor road surfaces.

He noted that housing solutions had been found for a number of elderly persons in the constituency and vacant lots had been cleared.

The MP said he was fully aware that as a member of the Cabinet he would be judged on two major fronts — the constituency and at the national levels — and he believed he had straddled both successfully. The ministry he heads, he explained, had successfully undertaken, or was in the process of executing, a number of major national projects, including the expansion and upgrade of the ABC Highway.

“It would appear that at times some people forget the state the ABC Highway was in when we took over,” he said, noting that project and the multi-million dollar road upgrade in the Warrens area had brought relief to thousands of motorists daily.

Boyce told Barbados TODAY that Government would shortly be officially opening the Centennial Path, the expanded section of road between the new Jackson Roundabout and Everton Weekes Roundabout, which would pay tribute to Barbadians who had reached 100 years.

Even though it would not be ready in time for the opening, Boyce added, one of the features of that “monument” would be a canoe carved from the trunk of the massive silk cotton tree that was removed to make way from the expanded roadway.

Once he and his party are returned to power after the general elections, Boyce said, one project in the Christ Church South constituency that would receive even greater attention would be the further development of Oistins. This upgrade of the Oistins Town Centre concept that takes into account the unique history of the town will be part of the party’s plans, he said. (RRM)

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