Out of race

Grace Showan
Grace Showan

by Emmanuel Joseph

One of this country’s newest political parties has stepped out of the race for the upcoming general elections.

Instead, The Guardians of Barbados, having recently decided it needed to be better prepared, will now be working towards contesting the 2018 polls.

“We realise the two existing political parties are more than just parties, they are political engines, and we can’t be foolish and just jump in,” declared Grace Showan, executive member of The Guardians of Barbados.

“We have one or two things we are working on that would have an impact on tourism. We want to make a dent before we come. This election is also going to be dirty,” Showan added.

“We need to also have a cadre of dynamic people who are not afraid of whatever political repercussions there are, when they have to speak out.”

The political aspirant said while people had been thinking The Guardians was an “all out” Christian party, “God could use anyone who has energy and ability”.

Showan told Barbados TODAY that while it might not be general public knowledge, her party was doing work in the various communities across Barbados.

“We have certainly not gone to sleep,” insisted the adult educator and motivational speaker. She also pointed out that the party would be speaking out “in our own way” during the coming election campaign.

Showan was of the view that the country could not go back to the “old” regime.

“People are saying they are not going to the polls, that they are tired of both (major) parties; they are tired of the name-calling, they are tired of the bickering. We need visionary, practical inspiration, execution and not talk,” argued the prospective politician.

The executive member of the party sought to make it clear that when it enters the election race, it intends to make a difference, but it can not be done in a rush.

The leader of the other newly-established political party — the New Barbados Kingdom Alliance –†told this newspaper this afternoon, that at least one of its candidates would be contesting this general elections.

President and founder, Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury said he would definitely be running in St. Peter, which is currently represented in Parliament by Opposition Leader and former Prime Minister, Owen Arthur.

“I am still in the race. I am the only one so far. I am also speaking to some individuals who have expressed an interest,” Scantlebury said.

The NBKA leader again reported that some of his candidates were being victimised.

“There has been victimisation of some of our candidates. It’s a bad situation. Some of those who have businesses have been having their cheques stopped at the bank,” he complained.

However, he insisted that the party would be around for the long haul.

“The NBKA will be around for a long time. We will push ahead until the country says ‘yes’ to an alternative party,” warned the St. Peter constituency prospective MP. Two independent candidates have expressed an interest in contesting the coming poll — Taan Abed and Ras Bongo Spear. emmanueljoseph@barbadostoday.bb

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