Duty to serve

Michael Lashley at home with Pearl Mason.
Michael Lashley at home with Pearl Mason.

St. Philip North MP, Michael Lashley, says he is “fully satisfied” with the response he has been getting from residents while canvassing.

In fact, Lashley told Barbados TODAY yesterday that based on the reception he has been receiving, he is expecting positive results even from the one box he did not win in the last general elections — Marley Vale.

“The only box in which I lost last election was Marley Vale, and I think I should be able to do okay in that box this time around, but that box has traditionally supported the Barbados Labour Party. But keep in mind I have done better than any previous DLP candidate in that box.”

Lashley based his conclusions on the work he had been able to do in the constituency in the last five years, noting that his successes stretched well beyond what would be covered under the ambit of the Ministry of Housing, for which he has Cabinet responsibility.

“We have done some roads, but we still have some others to be done. We have done some community projects — including the painting and supporting of schools of out of our own pockets. We started the Bayley’s pavilion and computer complex.

“We have held a number of major sporting competition and we have also done a lot of repairs in terms of the Rural Development Commission… We have done a pretty good jobs, but there are still some projects in the works, like the Ragged Point Light House. I believe we have selected a contractor already ad that work should get underway pretty soon,” Lashley said.

In an interview on the doorstep of the home of Pearl Mason at Bayfield, St. Philip, who boldly declared her support for Lashley with, “I belong to Barrow!”,

the Democratic Labour Party candidate added:

“A contract for a new St. Mark’s Community Centre has been awarded and work should start in the new financial year, but what we will do in the meanwhile is some work on the upkeep of the current community centre.

“So I do not believe that my heavy engagement in housing, as Minister of Housing, has diverted me from my duties to my constituents, and the number of community projects that we have been able to complete is testimony to this. Christmas lighting of King George V Memorial Park has become very popular and we are about to launch a movie night.

“We are also about to launch, in the 17 houses at River View, the first fully solar housing venture.

“We have cleaned up around the East Point Lighthouse and done quite a bit of landscaping and we have to go back now and do some more work. We have painted the assembly hall at St. Mark’s School on our own, we have painted St. Catherine’s School by ourselves; we have been able to do quite a bit through our Love Thy Neighbour group, including repairs to some homes.

“I have maintained a very strong presence in the constituency; and don’t forget we have been engaged in St. Philip Carnival, the honouring of Red Plastic Bag, Soca and Reggae in the Beach etc.”

In relation to work his ministry is doing in the parish, Lashley said: “We have started a major project at Parish Land, 122 houses. We have done seven rent-to-own houses at River View. We have also acquired 47 lots at Vineyard and 10 at Clifton Hill, plus another portion of land to build an infill project at Merricks, St. Phillips…” (RRM)

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