Cotton picking slavery

I have just got finish reading the Barbados Today dated January 24, 2013, about cotton pickers needed.

Needless to say I have the feeling that I must have read wrong, or it was a misprint in what’s being offered per pound to the cotton pickers – $1.50 per pound in this day and age. Say it isn’t so!

How can anyone offer only $1.50 per pound for picking cotton in the hot sun, and it’s also very hard work on the back and hands of the person who’s picking the cotton?

Is this a normal wage for picking cotton in Barbados? I have no idea because I’m not living in Barbados, and depend on the news that I receive from the Barbados Today to keep me in the loop.

So is the Government in favour of this price that’s being offered to the people for their labour?

I thought that slavery was abolished long time ago? To offer such a small price for such gruelling work should be a crime against any human being. Or is it all right to offer $1.50 per pound to say that you are offering people work?

It seem that you are going back in time offering people that little for so much work.

The funny thing about this is that some will gladly take this little that’s being offered so as to feed their children, or themselves. But how can you the employer sleep at night making money off the backs of poor people?

This has me truly very sad and upset over something like this still going on in this day and age.

I hope that something can, and should be done to improve situations such as this.

— Charles Cadogan

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