BSTU asking for clarity

BSTU President Mary Redman.
BSTU President Mary Redman.

The Barbados Secondary Teachers Union has sent Government a 16-page letter requesting a number of answers to its questions on the mass transfer to teachers to and from the Alexandra School.

And well informed sources have revealed that Chief Personnel Officer, Gail Atkins, has asked the top brass of the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development to assist her with answers to the many queries.

In fact, said the source, Atkins has asked the ministry to provide her with answers by March 30, as well as “support in ensuring that wherever appropriate systems can be found to facilitate the smooth transition of those teachers transferred, that they are swiftly implemented”.

The CPO’s request last Thursday followed a meeting with the union of January 2, and the receipt of the lengthy document, dated January 18 and received four days later.

Seeking understanding of rationale

In its letter the teacher’s union said it was asking the questions not just to ascertain the mechanics of the exercise, “but also the rationale behind the decision and the reason for the specific persons being selected”.

“The union believes that its membership is owned such explanations and clarifications,” it added.

One of the questions raised by the BSTU asked: “Will the Public Service Commission, given the evidence of the extent of the disruption to students at the Alexandra and other schools, be prepared without further delay to ameliorate the situation the transfers have occasioned, especially taking into account the willingness of the BSTU to be accommodating as expressed by its delegation…”

* Please click on flashing box for the entire letter from the BSTU to the Chief Personnel Officer.

2 Responses to BSTU asking for clarity

  1. Tony Waterman January 29, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    She wanted SEPARATION and she Got SEPARATION, now as i expressed in another Comment in another Medium, the SLOPE is beginning to get SLIPPERY, now She is DEMANDING CLARITY. What i believe she is after now is the HEAD of the CPO Gail Atkins, i warned the that if they gave her separation as she demanded that they would be hearing from her soon again, and I WAS RIGHT. how much clarity is there to be given to a semmingly EDUCATED Person like her. those teachers were a part of the problem and moving them IS a part of the SOLUTION. last Ball Last Wicket, Game Over. She Needs to be CUT DOWN to SIZE.

  2. Cyrlene February 1, 2013 at 9:07 am

    back Tony Waterman 100%


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