Service of celebration


by Felton Ince

“We’re the only one of its kind

We’re unique, were unique

And we’ll strive to be sublime

As we try to reach our goal.”

With those words from the first verse of their school song, students past and present of the Unique High School gathered to celebrate the 64th anniversary of that school on January 20.

The Dayrells Road Gospel Hall was the venue for the service of celebration held under the theme, Holding Firm and Sailing On, during which students both past and present as well as teachers showcased a variety of talents.

Past and present students at the thanksgiving service.
Past and present students at the thanksgiving service.

In his sermonette to the gathering, Balfore Grant used the account taken from Chapter 4 of the Gospel of St. Mark in which the disciples while on the Sea of Galilee were faced with a storm and Jesus was in the ship asleep, they called upon Him and He awoke and stilled the storm.

He said that the “SS Unique”, which had a rich history in the educational path of Barbados was poised to reach its 100th year. He also said that while sailing may be in calm waters at the moment for that institution, when the tempest comes they should not fail to call on and put their faith in the Lord.

Grant further instructed the students never to forget those whose hard work in the past placed the institution on the footing it now holds, and that they, the current students, should honour the institution by recognising that many from that school had made and are making significant contributions to Barbados.

In her brief remarks, the current “captain of the SS Unique”, Principal Monica Crawford, said she was truly a part of a unique experience having her first contact with the school when she was 15 years old.

Crawford took up the post of principal 13 years ago.

The Unique High School is the oldest functioning private secondary school on the island, officially opened on January 21, 1949 by the late Mignon Greenidge. The school’s first location was on Dayrells Road in Christ Church and began with two students, Robert and Doreen Forde. It later relocated to its present location at First Avenue Dayrells Road in order to facilitate the growing student body.

Greenidge remained principal of that institution until her death on February 14, 2001.

After her death, the post of principal was assumed by Crawford. The student roll is now approximately 60 with a staff of eight teachers.

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  1. Judy Hewitt-McConney March 8, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    I am so proud to be a student of this fine institution. I attended from 1968 to 1970. Ms. Greenidge taught the principles my Mother instilled in us as children, giving me a solid foundation that is unshakable. I always remember Ms. Greenidge saying she named the school UNIQUE for a reason, and we were unique students. Living in the US I have lost touch with my class mates, my prayer is they are as proud of our humble beginnings as I am .
    Thank-you Ms. Crawford for picking up the baton.


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