Come September this year, there will be another three sixth form schools in Barbados.

Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, made this announcement earlier today while addressing the Democratic Labour Party’s lunch time lecture at party headquarters, George Street, St. Michael.

Jones said: “I will tell you which schools will be post secondary schools. I put the idea out to the schools and [told] them: ‘Tell me if you can handle the situation without putting too much pressure on the state coffers at this time. Go and look at your landscape, look at the resources of your people. Look at your infrastructure and tell me what can you do’.

“So I said to Springer Memorial School that will be one school getting a sixth form by September. I then said to St. Leonard’s Boys you need to have a good marriage; you too will go that way by September. And then there is a school that has performed and has continued to perform well in Barbados generally.

“It has been embedded in controversy, but cannot deny the strengths of the school or the strength of the children. And therefore I said to the new principal of Alexandra there will be a sixth form at that school. We have to provide a sixth form school in the north and Alexandra has a proud history.

“Only yesterday I was looking at their work, because we have about ten or 12 years of all the statistics. I was looking through them and I said I cannot deny this school and the pupils the opportunity of having a sixth form,” Jones added.

He added that he did not want the approach†as provided by the other sixth form schools. The Christ Church East Central MP suggested that there were other areas of human activity and human endeavour than those pursued at the other schools.

He said: “So personnel from Springer Memorial came so well prepared that I am pleased for that school. The top personnel of the school said the school was strong in Food and Nutrition and they wanted to take it further. They said we want to do the management of business. We are talking about the entrepreneurial movement so we have to prepare the young people. We want to do some accounting. You see where they are going? I felt so proud.

“St Leonard’s personnel said this school has always carried a very strong technical and vocational programme. So we want to do something in that arena. We are constantly working and refashioning to make a difference in the lives of our children and we cannot hold them back.”

Jones further announced that within a few months, working along with the Sandy Lane Trust, a facility for special needs children will be opened at Lears, St. Michael. The Sandy Lane Trust will construct the facility while government will be responsible for the operational costs.

Jones further announced that another secondary school would be constructed in Christ Church at a cost of $20 million, while students attending Belmont, St. Martins Mangrove, and Chalky Mount primary schools will have new campuses constructed.(NC)

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