Illegal dumping conerns

Minister of Commerce and Trade Senator Haynesley Benn.
Minister of Commerce and Trade Senator Haynesley Benn.

A government minister is concerned that there has been increased illegal metal dumping “all over” Barbados in the wake of the closure of the Bagatelle metal dump.

Minister of Commerce and Trade, Senator Haynesley Benn, said he hoped the challenges now associated with the St. Thomas facility, including court action, would be sorted so the orderly disposal of metal could be adequately dealt with.

The acting leader of the Senate was leading debate on the new Precious Metals and Second Hand Metal Act, which will govern the trade of precious metals, including cooper and gold and second hand quantities of these materials.

“Now that B’s Bottling has taken up premises there are some concerns and the lawyers have now gone in there and since that has happened metals are being dumped all over the place because no activity can now be done at that facility,” the minister said.

“So people who have had metals and have been separating the metals from their other garbage and were taking it there because of that facility is now not being used, metals are now being dumped, in all forms, all over the place.

“So I am hopeful that the next time that we shall meet … that that place [would be] freed up and that business can go on, whether it goes on under Bs Bottles or whatever the case may be, but it would be regulated, properly policed and if any revenue is to be earned from it whoever owns or operates the business would be able to show by receipt, by cheque, what business goes on at that place,” he added.

Benn said Government could not have allowed the Bagatelle dump status quo to remain.

“The minister with responsibility for the environment had to instruct the Sanitation Service Authority to take some corrective action or to pull themselves out because the ministry and the Sanitation Service Authority were not benefitting financially from the transactions out there,” he noted.

“We know that metal dump over there in Bagatelle it is a source of public concern. Money … has been passed before but the SSA has not benefitted from it. It has not been recorded in their books I suspected because persons who have been dealing with the metal out there had been paid in cash as well.” (SC)

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