Crowded community calendar

Every winter, the snow, the cold, the up and down temperatures, and the short days keep many folk indoors until the tulip bulbs burst, grow and eventually bloom.

Then, the temptation of cocktail sips, bus rides, lectures, dinners and the celebration of St. Valentine draws them out from this weather prison that some call winter blues.

Maybe, the leaders of organisations are aware of this need and therefore strategically target this part of the year for their fund raisers. So is this why the recently released Barbadian community calendar, of events is crowded?

Whatever the reason, beginning late February, and through March and April, and beyond, Barbadian and their friends, will be able to contribute and support organisations of their choice on many consecutive weekends.

Some of the major published events are listed below:

Sunday January 27: Lecture – “A man’s role in a changing society” by the Barbados Ex Police Association.

Friday February 15: Valentine Dance by Hilltops Community Association.

Sunday February 17: Annual Cocktail Sip by the Friends of Barbados DLP.

Saturday February 23: Bus ride by the Barbados Labour Party Friends.

Sunday February 24: Black History Lecture by the Barbados Ex Police Association.

Sunday March 2: Choral Fund Raiser – BACA

Sunday March 10: 50th Anniversary Church Service of the Barbados Ex Police.

Then, at some point the tulips will die and summer will come. However, the 50 year of Barbados Ex Police Association will continue to celebrate the anniversary with one activity each month of the year. This association, which was founded by the late Wilfred Best, together with the Barbados Nurses Association, and, the Combermere School Alumni, has been the foundation pillars in the Barbadian New York Community.

Also, for many years, this organisation has offered a weekend tutoring programmes for students in need of enrichment, among other things.

The Barbados Ex Police Association is one of the few Barbadian organisations to own property. Located, at 703 Crown Street in Brooklyn, New York, the interior of the meeting room carries a pictorial museum. Mounted and framed are pictures that include its founder, each Prime Minister of Barbados, all Commissioners of Police (British and Barbadian), and President Barack Obama.

The unveiling of a commemorative plaque, a dinner, dance and ball at El Caribe, and, a cruise are some of the other unannounced activities.

For the record, there is also a Barbados Police Alumni in Canada. It is called the Barbados Ex-Police (Toronto) Inc. It was born out of a desire of a number of Barbadians who once served in the Royal Barbados Police Force and wanted to maintain fellowship one with the other and the esprit de corps which often result from such common experiences that pushed and kept us together.

In addition to the many Barbadian organisations, there are other philanthropic groups like the Lions in which Barbadians provide leadership. Kathy Chase and Dianne Duke have been officers of the Stuy Park Lions. Their Red and White Ball will be held on February the 8, 2013.

Philanthropy is one of the building blocks of the American society. Indeed, unlike Barbados, there are three sectors — public, private and non-profit. All those persons who work volunteer their talent and services should be commended.

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