A woman scorned

I have a big problem. I don’t understand for the life of me how some women can do the things they do to other women and sleep well at night.

They do some of the vilest, nastiest, most cruel things to others and feel no way about it. This is what happened when I found out my man was cheating on me.

I was in a relationship with a man for five years. We made plans to get married, we bought a house and we lived together happily until about a month ago.

I had this niggling feeling that something was wrong and even though there was nothing that indicated this was so, I couldn’t shake the feeling. I prayed and fasted and asked God to reveal to me what I was feeling in my heart.

One day, out of the blue my pastor called and told me she had a message for me which was to deal with my fianc? because he was involved with another woman.

I don’t know if the woman my man was involved with heard that call or not but would you believe from that moment she started calling me?

She would call to tell me they were about to have sex and leave the line open so I would hear. He didn’t know she did that.

She would call when he was on his way to her house, call to curse me just because and when I asked him about it he denied it.

To cut my story short, I found out this “woman of God” was a Sunday School teacher at another church and I saw her for the first time when I went to do business at her workplace with my man and she came over and softly said to me to leave him alone.

He even took her to company functions after telling me it was for employees only. I saw the photos on Facebook when the women in my office were going through them as two of their husbands work there.

Needless to say we broke up and now they are getting married next month I was told.

I’m now wary of forming relationships with anyone in the church – men and women.

— Seeking Peace

Since Yuh Asked, SP, I don’t believe you are seeking peace. You seem to be already at peace. There is no rancour or hate evident in your letter, but there is some distrust, and that is to be expected. After all, when you suffer like that at the hands of someone who is giving others the impression she is a Christian, it would shake your confidence in others.

But be assured, that’s not the conduct of most people. As in every facet of life, you are right to be cautious, but don’t let the experience blind you to the love and good that can be contained in the soul of man. Open your heart to love and it will eventually find its way to you.

One other thing. I implore you to see this woman as a blessing. Clearly your man is very weak in character and by his hurtful conduct she has prevented you from getting married to him. In your heart, never stop telling her thanks.

What goes around come around. While you are at peace there is every chance that, knowing what he did with her, every time he is late from work, is out with the boys, attends a function without her, leaves the country on business or pleasure, takes a phone call and she can’t catch the content of the conversation, she will be wondering in her mind whether someone else is doing the same to her. Leave them both to their own devices.

2 Responses to A woman scorned

  1. Mr.Carter January 28, 2013 at 9:32 am

    I agree what goes around comes around. What is for a person they will get.

  2. meesh January 29, 2013 at 11:57 am

    men and women that are disrespectfull in their relationship with people and hurt the perivous partners always get it back ,twice the back lash ,dont worry ,God dont sleep.


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