A man with concerns

Ian Gooding-Edghill pointing at garbage in Rogers Quarry.
Ian Gooding-Edghill pointing at garbage in Rogers Quarry.

Was it a case of East meeting West earlier today at Allamby Gap, Spooner’s Hill, St. Michael?

It certainly appeared that way when parliamentary representative for St. Michael West Central candidate for the Barbados Labour Party, Ian Gooding-Edghill, raised a number of concerns about how residents in the area are being represented.

He outlined these concerns while accompanying a Barbados TODAY team on a tour of the riding, moments before coming face to face with current representative, James Paul, who was also canvassing in the area.

Goodinbg-Edghill pointed out a number of areas where he suggested improvements could be made to the infrastructure for the benefit of residents.

The former government senator called for action by the Sanitation Service Authority to clean up Rogers Quarry, which has been used for illegal dumping, in the process providing a haven for rodents and mosquitoes.

He later suggested that the entrance to Quarry Drive should be debushed. He said his concern was that the heavy vegetation would provide a cover for criminals.

Gooding-Edghill also complained that potholes in Link Road Number 1, which leads to Rogers Development, often became stagnant pools of water after heavy rainfall.

He further stated that there was flooding at the corner of Number 5 Pillersdorf Development whenever it rained. The hotel industry executive, who is trying for the second time to win the seat, said too there was a clear need for a proper drainage solution for the area.†(NC)

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