Warne’s appalling behaviour

The incident in the Big Bash involving Shane Warne and Marlon Samuels brought the game into disrepute. The main culprit was Warne and it was unbelievable that he was not found guilty of deliberately throwing the ball at Samuels because he clearly did.

Samuels was out of order in holding on to Hussey’s shirt, thereby preventing him from taking a further run. This was blatant obstruction and the umpires should have awarded five penalty runs to the batting side and Samuels should have been reported.

Warnes behaviour was disgraceful, even loutish, and there is no place in the game for what he did. The fine should have been at least $10,000, with a four-match ban.

What was equally appalling was the comments of some Aussie fans who stated that the rest of the world does not understand them and because Warne is their hero, he is above criticism. To add to the disgrace, his fiancee Liz Hurley tweeted a lot of trash in defence of her man. There are some actions which are indefensible and she should have kept her trap shut instead of trying to defend boorish behaviour because it just makes her look stupid.

I have had the pleasure of umpiring Warne in County and Test Cricket in the UK and he was one of the game’s all-time greats, but the game is bigger than any player and there must be zero tolerance to the behaviour Warne displayed that day.

— John Holder

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