Soreness is okay


lovingmebikeexcerciseYesterday I talked about reps per set when doing resistance training, and a couple of people asked about what to do when the weights you’re using become easy, but you don’t want to increase the weight.

Well a great technique for people in this situation, or for anyone who is looking to boost the intensity of their workout – maybe to break through a plateau or just to accelerate their results, is to use drop sets.

Drop setting is a technique that is used to cause the muscle group you’re training to fail more than once for each set you do, thereby leading to more muscle growth, strength increase, etc.

The way it’s done is you complete a set of some exercise to the point of failure, then immediately drop the resistance load by anywhere between 10% and 50% and continue to do more reps until you reach failure again, then once again immediately drop the resistance load by 10% to 50% and continue to do more reps until you reach failure for the third time.

The object is to have as little delay as possible between each of the 3 sets. If your original set is say 12 reps, you should find that the you will manage fewer than 12 reps for the first drop set – maybe 3 to 6 reps, and fewer still for the second drop set. If you find you can do a lot of reps for each of the drop sets, you’re either pausing too long between sets or you’re dropping too much weight.

Some people like to drop just once, some like to drop twice, it’s up to you. Also the amount you drop the weight by depends on the muscle group and exercise, so you just have to experiment to find what suits you best!

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